Our Mission
To supply and fit the best quality products at a price that is competitive for our customers and sustainable for our business. Making some friends and having a few chuckles along the way would also be great.
Core Goals
  • Always provide a high level of service

  • Operate efficiently to minimise end user price

  • The small touches and considerations matter

  • Communication is key to satisfaction

  • Seek continous growth and improvement

Why Choose Us
Most people that contact us want honest advice, a high quality experience, a great product and, of course, a keen price.  We try our best to make sure we deliver on all of these things.
Our Story

7 years ago company founder, Kenny, spotted a trend down south that was slowly creeping northwards.  Specifically, people were going daft for aluminium bi-folding and sliding doors.  A cursory scan of the local planning register revealed many houses and extensions being proposed with a nice big wall of glass.

However, very few companies in Scotland were meeting this demand and the big manufacturers in England largely ignored north of the border.  Kenny built a relationship with one of the manufacturers and convinced them Scotland, despite the weather, was just as keen to have these glazed features in their home.  He set about building a website that would list well in the search engines for the most relevant term “bi-fold doors Scotland”.  This URL, which we still use today, drew in the crowds and, well, the rest is history.

From our humble beginning as a website and “our man up north”, Kenny has gone on to form Goval Bi-Folds to provide a full supply and fit solution for his customers.  Selling on behalf of someone else makes for an easier life but only by taking complete control of the process can we ensure our customers get the quality, service and price they deserve.

Goval Croft - Our Home
We Don't Sell Anything We Don't Live With Every Day
picture of bi-folding doors scotland